Interested in belonging to a group of community-driven mom entrepreneurs?

 The Transitions Collective is a platform that provides access to experts, resources, and community for women who are running their own businesses and raising families. #thejuggleisreal.

Interested in belonging to a group of community-driven mom entrepreneurs?

 The Transitions Collective is a platform that provides access to experts, resources, and community for women who are running their own businesses and raising families. #thejuggleisreal.

Why we’re better together

At The Transitions Collective, we are passionate about helping women pursue their dreams to have flexible, meaningful work. Life is full of transitions – into parenthood, out of corporate, to business owner, and more. You can have more fun, save time, and be supported by surrounding yourself with people that share your values, enthusiasm, drive and perseverance. 


We strongly believe that success comes by lifting each other up – supporting each other through the ups and downs of business and life. That means appreciating everyone as individuals, supporting them while they follow their own path and encouraging each other to reach for more.


The women selected for The Transitions Collective are building businesses from the ground up without a larger company behind them. They are going after what they want, not waiting for someone else to do it for them. They have big dreams and goals. They’re honest, helpful towards others and are confident in knowing their value. 

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

What other Mom Entrepreneurs are saying…

I’m grateful to be part of The Transitions Collective Membership Community. “Community” is exactly what it feels like. Mary’s leadership approach is the perfect balance between professional and informal, totally real, and fun. Meaningful connection and frequent contact online and in-person with female business allies prevent me from feeling isolated. If I have a question or problem I’m struggling with, I turn here for guidance. If I have a success I’m excited to share, I turn here to celebrate. Advice I’ve heard in this group ranges across topics from developing big picture business strategies, to the latest software programs I should use to run my businesses more efficiently, to juggling mom-life with business-life. In addition to the invaluable support and insights I receive from this group of inspiring women, I also feel really energized and fulfilled by helping them build their businesses in return. The Transitions Collective Members Community shows that when women lift each other up instead of competing against each other, we can all be more successful and enjoy the journey together!

Cynthia Link

Founder, Link Research & Insights

I love being a part of The Transitions Collective. This group has inspired me to be a better business owner.  It has allowed me to think bigger than I ever thought I could, while also helping me to find those steps to get there.  I always know that if I have any business related questions I have a wonderful group of women to really gather invaluable information from.  I feel so lucky to have found this group.

Alyssa Kane

Speech Language Pathologist & Feeding Specialist

As a mom and entrepreneur, I often feel starved for meaningful use of my time and I always need to ask myself if the ‘time’ is worth the investment. Under Mary’s organized hand and leadership, you get both the opportunity to feel the connection with other women and yet I was empowered with actionable items and ideas for my business. 

Holly Flanders

Founder, Choice Parenting

Before I met Mary, I had virtually no community and I honestly felt kind of lost. Engaging in Mary’s in-person events and connecting in the Transitions Collective Facebook group provided me with much needed community, commiseration, and connections. TTC is what you’re looking for if you’re in need of more support from a like-minded community of women business owners.

Amanda Berlin

Publicity Strategist

I feel so insanely lucky to have found The Transitions Collective Membership Community. I’ve found self-employment to be extremely isolating, especially when my non-work hours are consumed by being a mom to two energetic toddlers, so it’s wonderful to have an online community of like-minded women for encouragement, support, and advice. Just by reading other women’s questions and struggles, I’ve found answers to a lot of questions I didn’t know I should be asking! It is so wonderful to talk to real humans–sometimes even *gasp* face to face–about higher level issues, like pricing, goal setting, and growing. I’m so focused on churning out the daily work that I never step back to see the big picture. So talking to like-minded women who are in a similar boat has challenged and inspired me in the best possible way.

Rosie Colosi

Writer / Editor, Write With Rosie

The Transitions Collective has not only given me a sense of community but an immediate support of like-minded women that I could not live without.  The positivity and generosity of its members truly is what keeps me going on my toughest days. Mary, is an organized, thoughtful, wise leader and its seen through the culture of the group. She’s taught me to think about things differently to grow my business, but also has given me tips and tricks to ease my daily workload. I can’t recommend the group enough!

Stephanie Manganelli

Co-Founder, Stowaway Collection Maternity

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