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I’m sure a lot of people have stories that start like mine.

I started to feel stuck in my corporate job. Some of my mentors moved to other companies and I didn’t feel like I was making an impact with my day to day work. I was looking for something ‘more’ although I didn’t know what ‘more’ was.

My journey from corporate life to entrepreneur was not easy (as I’m sure most will say). I didn’t wake up one day and say ‘now I want to be my own boss so I’ll start a blog, get followers and leave my job’. Building a business doesn’t happen in a day. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s a decision that you make to invest your time in yourself – for the long haul.

The juggle of corporate and startup is difficult. It involves a lot of balls in the air. You might already know my story of how I started my product-based company, Brief Transitions, after the birth of my first daughter. Working at a corporate job during the day (that included frequent travel I might add) and then working on your own business at night doesn’t leave room for a lot of free time. But it was a choice that I made for the long run. 

I’m a go-getter by nature. I don’t hesitate to reach out to people, ask questions and find out what I want to know. During this journey, I had (and continue to have) a LOT of questions. I wanted to know how other women made the switch from corporate life to entrepreneur life. Most of the research I found had interviews with women but didn’t get into the specifics about that time period of their life. What was the juggle like? How did they get started? How did they get through the hard times? How often did they question why they were doing this? I was looking for the meat – the heart of the content if you will.

My journey included a lot of self-reflection and allowed me to find out a lot about myself. It turns out I love connecting people and working with others – helping them, however, I can. I love building community and lifting other women up. That’s part of why I find so much happiness in a mom entrepreneurs group that I started. Originally specific to Hoboken, NJ, the group now welcomes moms building businesses across the country. Please join the Mom Entrepreneurs Group by The Transitions Collective – we would love to connect with you! Meeting other amazing women going through similar things have been incredible for my own development and for my business.

The Transitions Collective was formed out of a desire for community and support for women on their journey from corporate to entrepreneur. Whether you have an idea, a side hustle or a full-time business that you’re scaling – join us! Let’s talk about those life transitions and how we can support each other.


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